Serving Our Community Since 1994

Having access to all the major health insurance carriers, our team has the ability to review all marketplace options with you, the client, and can help guide you in choosing the most suitable plan for your needs. Throughout the year, and especially during the open enrollment period, we make it our duty to remain in constant contact with you, keeping you informed and educated on the ever-changing health care arena.

Terri Heffelfinger

Terri is a licensed health insurance specialist working with individuals and small employers in Texas. Not only has Terri been an independent agent for over 20 years, having been through all the major changes in the health insurance industry, she is also certified with the marketplace. This allows her to find out if you qualify for a subsidy and, if so, to help you enroll. With all of this experience, Terri has become an expert who can help you review and choose the best health insurance plan for you and your current needs.

Valerie Lane

Valerie has been a part of the Heffelfinger & Associates team for over 5 years. She genuinely cares about each and every client and consistently provides excellent customer service. Valerie always goes above and beyond to offer the best plans that perfectly suit the needs of each client.

Our Team Is Here for You

We are client driven and service oriented, period.
Our goal is to make sure you’re protected at a price that you can afford.